We know that everyone has t-shirts as part of their wardrobe. However, do you know surprising & interesting facts and trivia about the t-shirts?

With so much going on, we’ve learned a lot about t-shirts, and since we know you’re curious, we’ve decided to share this new knowledge with you. Here are some surprising & interesting facts you probably didn’t know about t-shirts:

  • The first promotional t-shirt was produced for “The Wizard of Oz” in the year 1939.
  • The Coca-Cola company did the first T-shirt brand promotion in the 80s.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald first coined the word T-shirt in the year 1920 in his novel, “This Side of Paradise.”
  • China and India are the two largest producers of cotton in the world with nearly 60 million sales per year.
  • The world’s total cotton market is about $12 Billion.
  • The invention of plastisol in the year 1959 made a variety of t-shirt designs possible. It was durable and flexible than other inks.
  • In the 1970s, New York City had the reputation of being dirty and crime-ridden, so the city government hires designer Milton Glaser to make a new logo to help promote tourism. He designs the “I (Heart) New York” logo over lunch one day, which goes on to become one of the most iconic and imitated t-shirt designs in the history.
  • The Guinness World Record for the most t-shirts worn is “257”. While they weighed over 90 kgs together.
  • The world’s most expensive T-shirt design costs a jaw-dropping $400,000. Although it’s made of organic cotton, it has a set of 16 diamonds sewn into the fabric, which together amount to 9 carats.
  • Do you know that the world’s’ largest t-shirt is almost 300 feet long and 200 feet wide also?
  • The second most popular or alternative fabric for a t-shirt is Polyester.
  • The international t-shirt day is on June 21st.

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