Find the perfect size T-shirt for your body shape. 

T-shirts are one of the most universal clothing items around. Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, it doesn’t matter. Everybody likes T-shirts.

There are two ways to find the perfect size T-shirt:
1. You may do the trial and error method with countless returns and much frustration.
2. You may do some measuring beforehand and vesting increase your chances of getting the right one first time.

How a T-shirt should Fit

1. Size/Tightness: A t-shirt that fits perfectly should not be too tight or too loose. If it’s too loose, it’ll hang on you like a box and look entirely unflatable. If it’s too tight, it’ll look like you’re squeezed into it and are about to burst the seams at any point — a look that will almost certainly come across as dumb and annoying.

2. Shoulder Seams: The shoulder seams are a good way to tell how a t-shirt fits you. Generally, these seams should reach to the end of your shoulder at the very top of your arm. If they extend down your upper arm, the t-shirt is too big. If they don’t reach the end of your shoulder, the t-shirt is too small.

3. Sleeves: The t-shirt sleeves should extend about halfway down your upper arm. You might be safe wearing sleeves that are slightly longer if you’re exceptionally tall, as these will tend to be more proportional.

4. Length: The bottom hem of your T-shirt shouldn’t go beyond your hips, or it’s too small. It should cover your waistband and extend a few inches past that. If it’s short, it’ll look like a crop top when you raise your arms. If it’s long, it’ll look like a dress. Make sure you lift your arms and see how far it goes while putting on a T-shirt.

5. Shape: There is no standard form in many low-cost T-shirts. If you put it on, they hang like boxes and are very unattractive. Instead, look for a t-shirt that follows the lines of your body a little more.  Avoid any that are cut in the shapes of large squares.

How to Measure Yourself for a T-Shirt:

A t-shirt size chart or map can be useful because it breaks down a list of measurements and tells you what size those measurements will add up to. It makes it easy to look at the chart for example, for your chest size and see which size of the t-shirt someone should wear.

Here are the measurements you should take when it comes to measuring yourself for a T-shirt:

1. Chest: Wrap the measurement tape under the armpits and around the entire part of your chest to measure your body. It’s important to stand normally, without flexing or puffing out your chest. The tape measure should be snug, but it shouldn’t be so tight that your breathing is hindered.

2. Length: The bottom hem of your T-shirt should go a few inches below your waistband. Stand straight and calculate from the height of your shoulder below your waist to measure the length you need.

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