Find out what’s the Latest Trends in T-shirts

The majority of men somehow use the T-shirt during the week. It may be comfortable to wear they turn to while at the gym or on the golf course. Or they may be the casual wear for doing stuff with the family. No matter how and when you wear yours, here are some tips on the latest trends.

Linen Looks: Linen is a material mostly paired with trousers, pants and smart jackets but has gone through the world of t-shirts. Linen or cotton blend linen has many benefits, including keeping you cool during warm weather. For most men, linen appears to be in neutral shades, such as white, beige, stone and tan and this trend continues into the t-shirt. This means they work well with a range of coordinating and contrasting shades such as navy, grey or khaki for both jackets and pants. These tees also work well with jeans for the stylish yet relaxed look.

Longer Length: The long t-shirt is a staple of the wardrobe for the taller man than the average guy. However, the longer t-shirt seems to be in even for average guys. The trend seems to originate from the slightly oversized tops that skaters were but have moved into more classic and contemporary categories. Many of the big high street names offer longer tees and often have vivid graphics. Colors are varied and they are often paired with slim-fitting or even skinny jeans to create a slender silhouette.

Henley Tees: It is not new, but is currently back in fashion and particularly in its short-sleeved form. Often the collarless tee with the Henley placket or a long-sleeved Henley t-shirt is in a man’s closet. However, now the short-sleeved version is to be added. The favorite color is white though navy blue and black are considered a good choice for the tall and slender men. Such shades will add a little width to their frame. Slim fitting jeans provide a slightly more formal look, as do flat-fronted pants.

Crew Neck: It is now very trendy, considered a long time to be a wide neutral neckline. The all-white style is quite favored by the fashion icons of today though for many, pairing with their favorite jeans is still the way to go. For a slightly different look, you can add a lightweight bomb jacket or blazer. Make sure you read what fit works best for you as white can be quite unforgiving and needs to fit correctly or risk spoiling the look.

Graphic Tees: Although the graphic or printed T-shirt designs are not common to everyone’s liking. These can vary from the brightest, largest NYC graphic to subtle, all over prints. Therefore, if you want to follow the trend, there is something for all tastes. Can you see yourself in a printed t-shirt or graphic?

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