Tips to prevent shrinkage of your favorite T-shirts:

You purchase the perfect T-shirt, it fits like a dream and when you wear it you feel great. You wear it for sometime and put it in the washing machine to clean. Then you come to wear it again and all of sudden you feel and look like you are wearing your kid’s t-shirt! The arms are tight, the hem is short and everything clings in the wrong way. The t-shirt shrinkage epidemic has hit you–so what can you do to avoid this horror? What are the best tips to prevent shrinkage of your favorite T-shirts?

T-shirts can be avoided from shrinkage in many cases by our own actions.  The important thing to remember is that heat causes most T-shirts to shrink. Cotton is a very sensitive material that doesn’t like to be too hot. So how do you wash the t-shirt without shrinking it?

  1. Wash t-shirt in a cold wash cycle. Use a special detergent, which operates in cold temperatures and requires no heating to perform its function. In this way, you get the cleaning power of a normal hot wash without the risk to the shape and size of the tee.
  2. Another process where a t-shirt may be affected is drying. Never put it in the dryer and allow it to air-dry instead. Keep them away from heat sources so don’t hang in the direct sunlight. Place them in a good airflow and leave them for 12 to 24 hours, according to the ambient temperature and fabric thickness. One more choice is to use a drying rack where you can fold the clothes over just the once and allow them to dry.
  3. Remove wrinkles and plumps can also damage the surface. This is because the heat of the iron can have a negative effect. Use very low heat and a de-wrinkle spray instead of a hot iron. This helps to quickly reduce wrinkles without the need for high temperatures.
  4. Graphic and patterned t-shirts are a major trend nowadays, but nothing is worse than a cracked or peeling graphic. One of the best tips to make these t-shirts look good is to hang them up to dry inside out. In this way the graphic is hidden from all light sources and will have less change of fading.
  5. In emergency, when you need to speed up the drying purpose, you should place the t-shirt in a dryer on the lowest setting for a short burst to partially dry it then finish the job by hanging. This process of drying will allow it to be ready to wear a lot quicker but reduces the chance of shrinkage by minimize the time spent in the dryer.

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