“Colors like features imitate shifts of the emotions.” The Psychology of Color plays an important role in Fashion.

Pablo Picasso knew a thing or two around how to use color to bring out feedings. So do all those songs about “amber is the color of your energy” and “mellow yellow”… turns out colors can have a huge impact on our psyche. This is why we have added a healthy dose of bright-colorful, good vibes to our New Collection.

Green: It is often thought to reflect prosperity, good luck, safety, and happiness due to its strong associations with nature. We think green is just about everybody’s color, so we use it in subtle streaks and prints to shine.

Turquoise: A vivid color from northern lights to equatorial waters to southwestern caves, Turquoise is both a natural color and a sacred color. It’s an indicator of fresh, safe water in the natural world, so Turquoise evokes a sense of serenity. Since it’s found in minerals formed deep within the earth, indigenous tribes have often used turquoise to represent wisdom and clarity. We like to tap into Turquoise for those high summer styles, like corduroy shorts and tank tops, that you would like to jump in the water.

Red: A bright, warm color which evokes strong feelings such as passion, excitement, power and intensity. It is used in many of our most audacious prints.

Blue: It is another color of nature that is peaceful, stable, and efficient. Paint your workplace blue for stress relief or wear a blue outfit. Let the zen wash over you.

Purple: It is generally recognized that the balance between red and blue is balanced, calculated, and powerful. Redder purples (like magenta) have a tendency to bring color strength and energy, whereas bluer purples (like lilac) offer relaxation and stability. Since purple is a relatively rare color to be found in nature, it is associated with luxury, pride and honor. We like it as little pops of detail in plaids and prints – subtle, but intense.

Yellow: It is the most vivid and prominent color for the human eye in spectrum. In nature, yellow flowers reflect more sunlight which attracts more pollinators, literally radiating positivity. Optimism, happiness, cheerfulness and friendliness is often associated to Yellow color. It is one of our all-time favorite colors to wear.

Orange: Combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It’s a vibrant, imaginative and stimulating color–maybe that’s why so many sports teams have orange colors in their squads. It’s not as passionate and aggressive as red, so orange is considered balanced. It is said that our energies are restored and rejuvenated when we see it. Sounds great for a one-piece!

Black: This color can have a bad reputation, but it’s a grounding color. It is total absorption – it is focused, calm, and strong. In Feng Shui, black is known to be harmonizing in your home, workplace and other environments. You cannot go wrong with a few pure black basics, we feel the same way with your wardrobe.

White: Just like black is absolute absorption, white represents total reflection. It represents the entire spectrum in the eyes, and is therefore, every color. White is pure and clean, innocent, and simple. This is the simple white tee as the cornerstone of each wardrobe in summer!

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